Hounslow Counselling

If you are thinking about having counselling but unsure what it entails, rest assured. We meet in pleasant rooms with your comfort as a priority.  (If you struggle with stairs please let us know when making an enquiry).

The first time we meet will take the form of an assessment for both you and your counsellor to decide whether we feel comfortable working together.  You will be able to talk through what brings you to counselling and what you hope to gain from the process, enabling us to set up a contract together should you choose to.

Sessions are usually weekly, lasting 1 hour. Our counselling style is interactive, with the intention of fully hearing you and encouraging deeper insight through feedback.  As we get to know each other there may be gentle challenges to certain perspectives, assisting you to explore alternatives if appropriate.  If you need time to reflect or process emotions this will be allowed for.

After the first few sessions we will review how you feel counselling is helping you and plan further work accordingly. If at any time there are things you feel are not being explored talk to your counsellor about this - it is after all your space.

Towards the end of the counselling journey we will collaboratively decide the best way of finishing, perhaps moving to fortnightly or monthly sessions if required.  The aim will be to facilitate you with tools to go forward as your own counsellor.