Hounslow Counselling

I have been seeing Ness for 5 months and this has been my first experience of personal therapy. I came to the early sessions not sure about what to expect but from the first session I have been on a journey with Ness that has been an amazing and rewarding one.

I have found the sessions invaluable. The open, honest and supportive environment has enabled me to discover how to overcome anxieties and challenges in my life; that I have choices and I am actually able to make these choices.

Ness’ kind way of supporting me in developing my self-awareness and understanding of the fact that I cannot change the situations around me but I am able to change the way I am affected by them has made a huge difference in my life.

I can’t thank Ness enough for the help she has given me and would definitely recommend her Counselling Service.

Posted by Ness Tuesday, May 12, 2020 3:30:00 PM