Hounslow Counselling


I'm good enough

Posted by Ian Rogerson Tuesday, April 30, 2019 12:04:00 PM

I engaged in long term counselling with Ness which provided me with hope and structure. It was my anchor.

Ness was supportive, reliable and transparent, and was always fully present with me in our sessions together. She always had a useful therapeutic intervention to help me gain clarity and work through issues.

Counselling has lead me to self-acceptance and self-belief. I can now say, I am good enough. It has helped me to become stronger and more secure within myself. I have increased confidence and self-worth, and am not concerned about others judgements or fear of rejection anymore. This has helped to engage more socially and forge supportive relationships.

I have released my suppressed anger and self-blame, and practice self-compassion and empathy which helps me to deal with my emotions and stresses

Thank you Ness for your wholehearted commitment to me.